2 Broke Girls: 1 Funny Show

2 Broke Girls TitlecardI might be quite the couch potato when it comes to television shows, but American television has always been on my radar. I might get excited at the return of Spooks, or the fact that Torchwood was given a reprieve simply because of it’s co funded production with our friends across the pond, but this year’s slate of shows launching in the ‘fall season’ looks to be the most competitive. Continue reading 2 Broke Girls: 1 Funny Show

It’s Interesting How Others Can Boost Your Confidence

Whether I’m making this up or paraphrasing a famous quote someone has said, ‘the simple things are always the finest in life’. A few days ago, my manager at work simply asked for some help in discovering a new way to carry out a task in Microsoft Outlook, when she remarked that I’ve rather a good knack for all things digital. Whether it’s finding a feature that never existed or simply a shortcut she didn’t know how to access, I’ve been more than willing to provide that assistance. It’s in my nature to aid those people who have to use computers on a day-to-day basis if they are encountering any difficulties. Continue reading It’s Interesting How Others Can Boost Your Confidence

The Friends That Were Always There

Friends Season 4 Cast PictureApparently they didn’t tell me life was going to be this way, I didn’t know my job would be a joke, that I’d be broke or that my love life was DOA. No, this isn’t me finally cracking up and using the internet to voice my concerns, it unfortunately is a blog post professing my love for 5 people that have always been there for me over the last decade and a half: Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe. Continue reading The Friends That Were Always There

Why I Don’t Believe WebOS is Dead

Hewlett Packard Touchpad - Buttons Aren't ToysIf you’re like me, gadgets play a big role in your life. From the moment I wake up to the time I head to sleep, you can be sure that I’ve interacted with some form of technology. Friends and family know I can’t be without my mobile phone and a recent holiday to Mauritius left me suffering from dire withdrawals from the Internet. Some might think I have an over reliance on technology but to be honest, I can’t seen my daily routines as being possible without them. Continue reading Why I Don’t Believe WebOS is Dead