2 Broke Girls: 1 Funny Show

2 Broke Girls TitlecardI might be quite the couch potato when it comes to television shows, but American television has always been on my radar. I might get excited at the return of Spooks, or the fact that Torchwood was given a reprieve simply because of it’s co funded production with our friends across the pond, but this year’s slate of shows launching in the ‘fall season’ looks to be the most competitive.

2 Broke Girls is the brainchild of the creator of Sex and the City, Melrose Place and Grosse Pointe and little known comedienne, Whitney Cummings. The name of the show pretty much sums up what the show is about: two broke girls working as waitresses in a run down part of New York.

The pilot was great at introducing the main characters to us, and setting up how the two ‘broke’ girls end up together. Dennings play’s Max, a working class waitress whilst Behrs plays Caroline, an Upper West Side socialite thrown into the deep end after it emerges her banker father defrauded most of the American upper crust.

Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs - 2 Broke GirlsCritics have been quick to note that the show is a simple rehash of the 1970’s sitcom, The Odd Couple, but I was quite pleased at the 23 minute pilot. The show will definitely bring a good half hour of laughter for those between the ages of 16-34, and the characters are definitely likeable.

Hopefully the creative team can carry on the benchmark set in the first episode, as the show pulled in a staggering 19 million viewers on its home network, CBS. E4 has picked up the show in the UK and it could prove to be a worthy show for a channel that’s desperately looking for a replacement for it’s hour block of Friends.

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