It’s Interesting How Others Can Boost Your Confidence

Whether I’m making this up or paraphrasing a famous quote someone has said, ‘the simple things are always the finest in life’. A few days ago, my manager at work simply asked for some help in discovering a new way to carry out a task in Microsoft Outlook, when she remarked that I’ve rather a good knack for all things digital. Whether it’s finding a feature that never existed or simply a shortcut she didn’t know how to access, I’ve been more than willing to provide that assistance. It’s in my nature to aid those people who have to use computers on a day-to-day basis if they are encountering any difficulties.

Being honest it was rather a nice complement I believe, and it has always been her mantra to never suppress anything you believe you’ve got a knack for. From the moment I started my job, both my line manager and departmental manager have both said that should an opportunity arise within the broadcasting sector that is too good to refuse, that I should grab it with both hands because not everyone is suited for a life in SEO.

Colleagues often wonder how I ended up in SEO after carrying out a Broadcasting degree and the simple fact of the matter was that the opportunity arose for me after a relative had seen that a media agency was looking to expand their London based SEO offering. I’d previously done a temp job at a financial company in its SEO department. Although it wasn’t one of my best experiences in a workplace environment, it opened my eyes a bit into what voodoo forces control the information various search engines provide us.

I’ve now been working as part of the SEO team for nine months now, and it’s been a thoroughly brilliant experienced for myself. Not just because we’re currently in a tough job-seeking climate, but the everyday tasks I’ve been given have all been really interesting. Who knew that websites knew what we search for to arrive to their websites, or can see what websites we visit after leaving theirs.

One thing that’s stuck in my mind though lately, is that would I be able to leave if an opportunity arose? I like the people I work with at the moment. I’m earning more than I was expecting to earn after graduating from university. But would the urge to follow into the sector I’ve longed to work for be powerful enough to make me want to leave? It’s something I can only answer when the time come’s I’m afraid.

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