Movie Review: Puncture

Official Puncture PosterWhat can I say; I’m a bit of a Chris Evans addict when it comes to Hollywood movies. (Not the TFI Friday presenting Chris Evans but the American actor Chris Evans). He effortlessly portrayed the spoofy school jock in Not Another Teen Movie and I was on the edge of my seat watching him in the ‘thriller’, Cellular.

It seems that the last few years has been quite a success for Chris Evans. He starred as the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies, and was recently cast as the era defining American comic book superhero, Captain America.

Personally I think his best roles were those in the underrated Sunshine, Danny Boyle’s movie about a team of astronauts on a dangerous mission to reignite the sun, and his short but sweet cameo as an atypical Hollywood action star in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

But having a look as the trailers section of Apple’s website a few months ago, I came across a Chris Evans movie that broke away from the action orientated one’s he’d previously starred in, Puncture. Waiting patiently for it to appear in some cinema within London, I was slightly shocked to see that it had turned up on Sky Movies with little fanfare.

Paraphrasing its synopsis from Wikipedia, the movie stars Chris Evans as a lawyer battling against the American Healthcare System’s pencil pushers to help make a unreusable syringe the de facto standard within American hospitals after a nurse was accidentally pricked by a needle contaminated with the HIV/Aids virus. The catch is Chris Evans’ character Mike Weiss is riddled with various forms of drug addiction.

We start the movie seeing the events leading up to Nurse Vicky’s ultimately fatal accident, leading into Weiss summarising his closing statement whilst consuming various types of drugs, seemingly helping the lawyer put together a cohesive and convincing argument that ultimately wins his client their case.

Puncture - Chris Evans ScreenshotAs the movie progresses, we slowly see the benefits the type of needle would have had if introduced in the late 1990’s. A complete reduction of needle based accidents within all of the hospitals in America, as well as the potential reduction of the spread of HIV/Aids within third world countries such as Africa. Where the reuse of contaminated needles is rife.

I was riveted to the movie 100% throughout as we saw Chris Evans’ portrayal of a lawyer seeking to help make the world a better place despite being a drug addict. The scenes where Weiss attempts to rid him of anything narcotic was harrowing, as he suffers from the after effects of withdrawing himself from the drugs.

Expecting the movie to end on a high point with both lawyers winning their case, I was saddened instead. I won’t go ruining the ending for all you readers, but suffice to say, it wasn’t the ending I was expecting to see, but it did leave me thinking about the points brought up in the movie about how healthcare companies across the world can be so stubborn to introduce such countermeasures which keep nurses, doctors and patients safe, simply because it’s too expensive to manufacture.

If you’re able to catch Puncture on Sky Movies, or see it available on DVD, I’d definitely recommend you watch it. You won’t be disappointed. Oh, and you do get to see quite a lot of bold stylish clothes choices from Mr. Evans and quite a nice hollywood beard, which definitely caught my attention!

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