I’m No Baseball Fan, But Moneyball Has Certainly Turned Me Into One!

Moneyball Cinema PosterLet me set the record straight. I know nothing about Baseball. I know nothing about American sports. I never feigned an interest to watch American Football after I first saw The Blind Side but this weekend, I watched Moneyball, and boy am I aching to find out more about Baseball.

I’m not much of a fan of sports movies. Film aficionados might wax lyrical about Friday Night Lights and the impact it had on them, but it’s not a movie that has interested me much, nor the television series for that matter. But there was something about Moneyball that drew me into wanting to find out more.

Oakland Atheletics LogoI stumbled upon the movie when watching Film 2011 the other night. Claudia Winklman, self-confessed sports movie fan, said that the movie was worth a watch. So I told myself why not? Boy was I impressed with the result of that decision.

Unlike some sports movie’s I’ve had to endure, I felt that them main part of the movie’s storytelling was solely within the injustice given to those baseball players who were overlooked simply because they didn’t fit in with what baseball scout’s were looking for. the other masterstroke was to show that indeed the game wasn’t down to who had the most powerful strike or who could run the most. But instead was to use what budget the team had to get the best players.

Brad Pitt’s portrayal of Oakland Athletics’ General Manager, Billy Beane was brilliant. There was a sense of gravitas given off by his character, and you could feel the pain he was going through loss after loss. The character also showed what happened to players who were scouted and selected for the big leagues simply because they showed potential but couldn’t follow through.

Chris Pratt - MoneyballWhilst the film also stars a pre-transformation Jonah Hill, for me the standout actor has to be Chris Pratt. You might recognise the name if you’re an Andy Dwyer fan, of Parks and Recreation fame. But his character certainly came across as one of those who definitely needed to be shown the potential he still had within.

The battle against the old guard of the team’s scouting group also was a great plot point. As far to often in life do we encounter people stuck in their ways, unwilling to take a chance with something that could pay off.

Moneyball is worth watching for a number of reasons. It’s a slow burner, it’s captivating drama, it’s got a star-studded cast that actually show the beauty of what it is to be an actor. If you’re looking for a movie to watch during the festive season, or even after that, give Moneyball a chance. You’ll be left more than impressed and satisfied.

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