A Channel’s Identity Is As Important As The Programmes It Shows

New More 4 LogoTelevision branding is a tricky game sometimes. Some channels can pull it off so well, you only have to take a look at their logo to know what channel you’re watching. Others unfortunately are proof that there are people out there with no heart for branding. I say this because today More4, Channel 4’s sister ‘adult channel’ relaunched and repositioned itself with a fresh and distinctive new look.

Immediately from the brief glimpse of the promo I could tell something was up. No longer is the channel positioning itself as a highbrow alternative that caters for all things intelligent and thought provoking. Apparently my radar wasn’t strong enough to see the press releases and announcements during Channel 4’s 2012 preview last year as More4’s new look meant that it would be repositioned into a lifestyle and ‘life enhancing’ channel, moving away from the alternative and arts them it had used since its launch.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I like the look. I think its fresh, I think it’s incredibly brilliant on the eye and a great alternative to what other competing broadcasters have implemented. It was just disconcerting to see the refresh be such a blunt blow to the reputation of the channel that brought us imports such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, thought provoking documentaries under its ‘True Stories’ strand and brilliant dramas such as the much under appreciated The Good Wife.

It’s even more worrying what the new ‘lifestyle and life enhancing’ position would do to its current programming. True Stories has already been handed over to Channel 4, though I digress. My intention with this post was to praise how important a channel’s identity is to the people who watch it.

The original branding set the tone for a channel that was providing a niche of the audience a great alternative to BBC Four. More4’s clean lines and Mondrian-esque idents formed with tessellations of the logo made it one of the few that incorporated its logo into its idents.

The new look, in my opinion, is a slight flashback to the original logo used when Channel 4 launched over 30 years ago, the colours certainly remind me so. It also reminds me of a phase BBC Two encountered during the 1980’s. Fortunately the pastel colours suit the channel quite rightly.

And the decision to anchor its idents with an interesting flip book array of coloured tiles is a great one that the channel uses across its various types of presentations. End credits promo’s flip away to reveal the next show, programme trails flip into view and a flip through the logo provides a great break bumper.

More 4 Transition ident More 4 Transition dark[divider]

Hopefully the channel exploits this unique and refreshing look to their advantage. It fits in well with its new lifestyle and ‘life enhancing’ positioning and can only get better once updated with a few more stunning backdrops.

Click here if you’d like to take a look closer at the brand agency who created the new identity for More4, Man vs Machine, or why not keep a close eye between programmes on More4 for a closer look at the identity. You’ll be pleasantly impressed.

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