Rising Talent Session 1: Thriving with Better Energy

Last Monday saw our first Rising Talent Session, ‘Thriving with Better Energy’. There was a definite buzz in the air amongst the class as it was our first proper session together after our initial response to brief.

MEC’s People and Culture department have been quite good in providing classes outside of Rising Talent related to ensuring that we have help in promoting a healthier work and personal life balance. I’ve attended one of the ‘Better Energy’ classes before and it was great for us to kick off the course with this.

The session covered some really good areas, talking about understanding what can make us feel less energetic in the workplace, factors that could contribute to it at home and talking about some unfortunate side effects as a result of that.

It was interesting to learn how small things we end up doing as a result of being busy can impact how you manage work but also try and recover from it.

I’m a regular at trying to ‘catch up on sleep’ on the weekends or trying to squeeze as much as I can after the work day but the end result, having a late night and not enough sleep is something I’d immediately put my hands up to.

Understanding the types of foods we should eat and at what point in the day was quite good. I’m usually a snacker but I’ve been changing more and more to snack on fruit rather than what treats we might have in the office!

We had to all make a commitment to change something in our lives for the year to come to remain energised and prepared for the year ahead, and I said that I would like to make sure that I keep energised by practising more yoga at home. My manager has kindly provided some great YouTube channels that allow you to follow some yoga workouts at home and I’m hoping to take part in some classes with the gym membership I have.

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