Thrive with Personal Awareness – Part 2

Writing this follow up was a slightly harder task than I envisaged. The second part of the Personal Awareness module was everything I could guess and even more. I had to miss the second part of the module the week before as I had to catch a plane to Northern Ireland, but the Rising Talent organisers were kind enough to organise a catch up session for myself and fellow team member.

Recapping the SDI and assertiveness modules from the week before, the larger focus was on talking through an inspirational/motivational personal story and then going through an ‘intervention’ called ‘The Heart of Leadership‘.

I felt that this ‘intervention’ was one that struck the largest chord with me. It involved a lot of thinking around myself and how I am a leader. It was split into four parts, all going through different elements of what a leader should have.


The Leader’s Journey

This was sharing the message that everyone who leads has a story. Unfortunately I missed the opportunity to take part in this with my fellow Rising Talent classmates although I did get to share a story during my catch up session. I think I stuck to a story I was used to talking about, although I might post a fuller version on here and share with you as it was incredibly motivating to do.

The Leader’s Being

We learnt about different leadership styles we all have traits of within our personalities; Commanding, Visionary, Affiliative, Democratic, Pace setting and Coaching. It made sense for me to feel more associated with Affiliative, Coaching and Democratic but the learning point here was that regardless of if we don’t resonate with all of the styles, we need to have a healthy balance of all of them to experience the biggest influence as a leader.

The Leader’s Influence

This was an area I learnt the most about myself. We were shown a video of a TED talk by Ben Zander about ‘Shining Eyes’, how he knew when the audience was engaged and hooked into what he was talking, because he saw shining eyes all around. It was interesting to discuss because my immediate reaction whatever the circumstances are is to never think I’m confident enough to cause this reaction and engage a listener that way, but everything I do is embedded with my personality and that I should believe that I do it well, and others will too! The power of talking to people by telling a story carries so much more weight than just talking to someone about a subject.

The Leader’s Journey

This was the hardest part of the ‘intervention’. We had to think about ourselves and work out what journey we want to be taken on. Do I know what we want from our lives, career and aspirations? What do I want to dream of and achieve? It was a very reflective part of the module, definitely difficult to pin down exactly all of the answers but I can feel it’s set the wheels in motion and will continue the personal development that’s only just starting with me on the course.

It was a bit sad to know that the Personal Awareness module was over after that. I really felt like the value of taking stock and having some time to think about myself without the pressure of work or expectations was something I don’t give myself enough of an opportunity to do. It’s something I’m committed to continuing and sharing along this trip on the Rising Talent road.

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