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Thriving with Personal Awareness – Part 1

This week saw us have our first proper module as part of Rising Talent, Thriving with Personal Awareness. Run by the lovely Simon from Different Dynamics, I’ve encountered part of the training module in part in some of MEC’s Inspirational Management training.

The training was meant to allow us to take three days to try and focus on ourselves as leaders and understanding how to improve awareness of the skills we have, and try to unlock them to inspire and lead around us.

It was a very different course as the focus was purely on us as individuals within our group. I was only able to attend the first day and a half of the training, although they were great sessions and reaffirmed what I’d encountered before.

We renewed our familiarity with our SDI ‘True Colours’ to understand where we lie when in calm and conflict states. I’m a ‘Blue’ when I’m calm but move over to red when in conflict. It reflects me as a person too because I am someone who cares about his work and the people I work with. It’s a rather good system to carry out on yourself as you understand what common behaviours you share with others and how to deal with people either in the same or different colour states.

SDI Colours

We also took part in a really interesting activity, we had to provide to each individual as a group what our first impressions were of them in one word, then discuss it with those who wanted to find out why we’d written this down. I won’t divulge into what others said about others, but it was interesting because what everyone said about me didn’t match up with what I thought about myself. I’ve always thought I act quite nervous around people I’ve not met before, but the first impressions from the team was that I was someone who came across as nice and friendly. It’s an interesting thing because nine times out of ten, the internal monologue thinks otherwise.

Sadly I had to cut my training short by a day and a half as I’d had a trip to Northern Ireland that afternoon. Part two of Thriving with Personal Awareness will be up in the next week as I’ve got my catch up session this week! Here’s a selfie of us all together! One (part of a) session down, many more to go!

Update 18/05/15 – Part Two here!

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