Personal Awareness Change Cycle

Rising Talent – July Check In

I’ve been thinking about what I can write about in between the scheduled sessions we have. We recently had a breakfast with two members of the senior leadership team at MEC and it was quite informative. Our next session is one based around Neuro-Linguistic Programming, but between then I felt it was more suited to write back about something we’d covered in our first session.

I’ve been part of a team that have experienced a great moment of change. Largely based around the creation of a client based agency team and it’s resulted in it being an interesting month.

On reflection it all seems quite similar to a cycle that we were introduced to in our first module related to change. Similar to the stages of grief, there are stages to change that we all default to and end up experiencing when faced with change.

Personal Awareness Change Cycle

In a very short time I was faced with a complete change not only to the tasks I’d been assigned on one of my clients, but also changes in the office I’d be working in, the team’s I’d be part of and the structures that were in place. After being told the news, I was faced with this all happening much sooner than I’d have liked it to, the following week to be more precise!

I did what I usually do when processing news similar to this, I tried to look to make the situation better for the other members of my team and overlooked what I needed to have to have felt more secure in the change.

Braced with this prospect the following week, I tried to keep to my routine as usual, albeit with some alterations to my day. The more and more I tried to make what was the new normal ‘normal’, the more I was resisting inside and it left me feeling rather dejected with the work I was doing. In hindsight, this wasn’t the best thing that I should have done.

I was looking at that cycle and up to this point where I’m writing this post, my mood had shifted out of that honeymoon period into one that was bringing me more into the negative side of it. I’ll keep the criticisms quite short as whilst I was finding it all rather difficult to deal with, I can’t paint a completely negative picture of the workplace as that would be unfair.

Two weeks went by and I thought to myself I can’t let myself get caught up with the negative side of these changes and I thought to do the best thing I could in the situation, I caught up with my Mentor to try and talk about how they’d dealt with changes during their time on Rising Talent and past that in their career after it.

It was a much needed conversation as I think it had kept me in the stage of being quite pessimistic when all that was needed was being able to logically talk it out with someone and listening to what the inner voice I had was telling me.

My mentor suggested that I should speak to the right people on our senior team to express how this change was impacting me and to help them understand the issues I was facing with such a big change.

They also recommended that I shouldn’t be afraid to voice my concerns, and it was an interesting piece of insight because some developmental feedback that had been shared to me had inferred that I needed to be more assertive with what I believe and say, as it’s usually a valuable piece contributed into the conversation.

I put those recommendations into use, I sat down with some of my senior team to express how I was feeling and highlight what I think was wrong in the situation but also didn’t just raise a plate of problems up to them, I came armed with what I saw as solutions to the situation and what I thought would be good to help me on my way.

I’ve tried to course correct myself in that change cycle and feel like I’m now feeling more optimistic that I have been in recent weeks. I’ve moved into a more optimistic outlook of the situation also.

Now it’s only been a week into this, so I can’t quite provide a definitive answer as to whether it’s completely worked but I definitely am indebted to this lesson that we were taught in Personal Awareness because if I wasn’t, I’d probably just have been left in that bottom bit of the cycle longer than I’d have wanted to!

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