What is Buttons Aren’t Toys…?

Why don’t I play with Buttons?

I’m a person who loves technology, books, photography, music… basically, the list is endless. Whether you want to read some of the reviews I’ve written or simply adore the photographs I’ve taken, Buttons Aren’t Toys is the place to do it.

A Couple of Questions Someone Might Ask Me If We First Met:

What sort of jokes do you get with your name?

“Said said that you said said said” – Not a particularly funny one but it stuck with me throughout school.

Tell me a bit about yourself:

I’ve got a serious case of reverse Benjamin Button syndrome. OutsideI’ve the appearance of a youthful person growing up in a city called London, whilst inside there’s an old person, trapped in moments of constant nostalgia and quiet music

Where are you?

I’m wherever you want me to be (as long as it’s somewhere in London)

Are there any rules I should follow when reading Buttons Aren’t Toys?

Buttons Aren’t Toysso don’t go pressing them if you don’t know what they do!

How can I get a hold of you?

If you put a penny in your hand, and squeeze really hard, chances are I won’t miraculously appear. Though it is easier to simply click on the ‘Contact‘ button above and simply pop me an email. I’ll make every attempt to get back to you.