Thriving with Personal Awareness – Part 1

This week saw us have our first proper module as part of Rising Talent, Thriving with Personal Awareness. Run by the lovely Simon from Different Dynamics, I’ve encountered part of the training module in part in some of MEC’s Inspirational Management training.

The training was meant to allow us to take three days to try and focus on ourselves as leaders and understanding how to improve awareness of the skills we have, and try to unlock them to inspire and lead around us.

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Rising Talent Session 1: Thriving with Better Energy

Last Monday saw our first Rising Talent Session, ‘Thriving with Better Energy’. There was a definite buzz in the air amongst the class as it was our first proper session together after our initial response to brief.

MEC’s People and Culture department have been quite good in providing classes outside of Rising Talent related to ensuring that we have help in promoting a healthier work and personal life balance. I’ve attended one of the ‘Better Energy’ classes before and it was great for us to kick off the course with this.

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Made it onto Rising Talent 15/16!

Having been at my work for over four years now, I know how important training and development is, not only to myself but also to the company. I’ve been lucky enough in the past to be part of training that has broadened my scope of emotional intelligence as a manager but also expand my horizons as a digital marketeer and become someone who is immensely proud in what he does and how he does it.

2015 was no different, I was very lucky to start my fourth year at work off by being successful in applying to take part in an intensive development programme called ‘Rising Talent’.

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#DCMTuesdays Review: The Bling Ring

The Blng Ring CastI’m quite lucky when it comes to the industry I work in. Not only is it a creative environment to be in, I’m also lucky enough to receive the chance to get a first look at a number of things. In this instance, Digital Cinema Media’s #DCMTuesday. These special tuesday screenings have given me a first look at The Place Beyond the Pines and The Great Gatsby in recent months all at some quite stunning locations. The latest DCMTuesday was nice enough to give us creative types a first look at Sophia Ford Coppola’s The Bling Ring. Continue reading #DCMTuesdays Review: The Bling Ring

Unlimited Trailers: Gravity

Gravity 2013 Movie PosterMy recent trip to see Man of Steel was a joyful one but one thing I always look forward to are trailers before the movie starts. I’m a real stickler for making sure I’m on time when going to the cinema specifically not to miss any of the adverts or trailers. It adds to the experience in my mind. Along with my reviews over the coming weeks, I’ll also be writing about the trailers that have caught my attention and added themselves to my list of things to watch over the coming year. Continue reading Unlimited Trailers: Gravity