Unlimited Review: Man of Steel

The superhero genre of movies has undergone a big change over the last 10 years. Spiderman was the first movie to break the mould in 2002 and set the tone for what we now take as the formula of a modern superhero movie. It’s odd to think that not that long ago, the brilliantly campy horror that was Batman Forever was the epitome of a superhero movie from the 90s. Come the 00s, there was a notable shift in the way superheroes were presented. The idea of making characters more human and providing us an insight into their origin stories were a fresh take for the new millennium. Continue reading Unlimited Review: Man of Steel

The Start of the Unlimited Reviews

Cineworld UnlimitedI’ve decided to give myself a challenge. My employer gracefully provides us with a £200 annual allowance for all things cultural. Last year, I used it to fund the costs of my holiday to visit America for the very first time and this year I thought I’d use it to get me doing something regular and help feed the creative side of my brain.

With that £200 allowance, I decided to sign up to Cineworld’s Unlimited membership scheme and use it to fuel a cinema allowance. I’ve always liked watching films and whilst I’m not the biggest cinema chain fan, Cineworld is one of the nicer ones that don’t charge through the roof for a standard ticket and medium popcorn!

Over the coming weeks, I’m going to be profiling my tastes and revealing what movies I’ve decided to see and write a mini review. My initial thoughts are to do this on a weekly basis, but this all depends on which movies are out and whether my schedule permits.

In my reviews, I’ll also be talking about the trailers shown before the movies and what about them has piqued my interest into wanting to see them when their release date comes.

A Channel’s Identity Is As Important As The Programmes It Shows

New More 4 LogoTelevision branding is a tricky game sometimes. Some channels can pull it off so well, you only have to take a look at their logo to know what channel you’re watching. Others unfortunately are proof that there are people out there with no heart for branding. I say this because today More4, Channel 4’s sister ‘adult channel’ relaunched and repositioned itself with a fresh and distinctive new look. Continue reading A Channel’s Identity Is As Important As The Programmes It Shows

I’m No Baseball Fan, But Moneyball Has Certainly Turned Me Into One!

Moneyball Cinema PosterLet me set the record straight. I know nothing about Baseball. I know nothing about American sports. I never feigned an interest to watch American Football after I first saw The Blind Side but this weekend, I watched Moneyball, and boy am I aching to find out more about Baseball. Continue reading I’m No Baseball Fan, But Moneyball Has Certainly Turned Me Into One!

Movie Review: Puncture

Official Puncture PosterWhat can I say; I’m a bit of a Chris Evans addict when it comes to Hollywood movies. (Not the TFI Friday presenting Chris Evans but the American actor Chris Evans). He effortlessly portrayed the spoofy school jock in Not Another Teen Movie and I was on the edge of my seat watching him in the ‘thriller’, Cellular.

It seems that the last few years has been quite a success for Chris Evans. He starred as the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies, and was recently cast as the era defining American comic book superhero, Captain America.

Personally I think his best roles were those in the underrated Sunshine, Danny Boyle’s movie about a team of astronauts on a dangerous mission to reignite the sun, and his short but sweet cameo as an atypical Hollywood action star in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Continue reading Movie Review: Puncture