An Ode To Alex Rider

Scopia Rising Book CoverIt’s hard to believe that over 10 years ago, Anthony Horowitz brought us the tale of reluctant teen superspy, Alex Rider. It’s even harder to believe that I was only 12 when I was recommended by my school librarian that this would a brilliant book to read. Taking her advice, I sneakily read the book inbetween school lessons and actually finished the book that very same day. (Yes, I was quite the bookworm back then, but I digress…)

Seeing the provision listing on Amazon last year, I remember the anticipation I felt every time I nagged my school librarian as to when the next book in the series was coming out. Thanks to modern technology, I didn’t have to wait very long. The 31st March 2011 was the release date for the book, and within days it was posted through my letterbox and the school child in me instantly set on reading the book. Continue reading An Ode To Alex Rider