The Start of the Unlimited Reviews

Cineworld UnlimitedI’ve decided to give myself a challenge. My employer gracefully provides us with a £200 annual allowance for all things cultural. Last year, I used it to fund the costs of my holiday to visit America for the very first time and this year I thought I’d use it to get me doing something regular and help feed the creative side of my brain.

With that £200 allowance, I decided to sign up to Cineworld’s Unlimited membership scheme and use it to fuel a cinema allowance. I’ve always liked watching films and whilst I’m not the biggest cinema chain fan, Cineworld is one of the nicer ones that don’t charge through the roof for a standard ticket and medium popcorn!

Over the coming weeks, I’m going to be profiling my tastes and revealing what movies I’ve decided to see and write a mini review. My initial thoughts are to do this on a weekly basis, but this all depends on which movies are out and whether my schedule permits.

In my reviews, I’ll also be talking about the trailers shown before the movies and what about them has piqued my interest into wanting to see them when their release date comes.