Thriving with Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming sounded like quite a scary thing when I saw the Rising Talent syllabus all those months ago when applying. But it was one of the modules I spoke most about during my application interview. Having heard about it from previous alumni, NLP was one of the bigger modules I was very much looking forward to.

The most I knew about NLP before the course was that it was something that would provide me with the ability to ‘get people to do things without actually telling them to do it’. Which in itself sounds like quite a mad premise! Thankfully the course taught me that it was more than that because there were key elements that you needed to believe in and implement before you were able to properly put those skills to use!

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Rising Talent – July Check In

I’ve been thinking about what I can write about in between the scheduled sessions we have. We recently had a breakfast with two members of the senior leadership team at MEC and it was quite informative. Our next session is one based around Neuro-Linguistic Programming, but between then I felt it was more suited to write back about something we’d covered in our first session.

I’ve been part of a team that have experienced a great moment of change. Largely based around the creation of a client based agency team and it’s resulted in it being an interesting month.

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Bear With, Bear With!

Welcome To Buttons Aren’t Toys!

Bear With!

I’m currently in the process of migrating all of my content from my former tumblr blog, so hopefully it should all be on here in the right format, and SEO optimised of course!

I’m also hoping that this blog will allow me to get the creative juices in my mind flowing and update you all with some original, witty and opinionated content that’s sure the get on your nerves!

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